Reading book is one of the favorite pastimes for the human beings. Though the technology has taken over the human lives in many aspects, sizeable number of people still loves to read the books of different topics. One phenomenon which is found most commonly among the modern book reader is that they do not remember the contents of the book that they have read in the past or recent times. This is not the case with the older people, who are clearly able to remember the con tents, which they have read in their past.

There are many reasons why young people are unable to remember the books they have read. One of the main reasons is the technology. Yes, the technology has made people to access the information easily, so the people are least bothered about storing information in their memory. For example, before mobile phones became popular, people use to record the names and phone numbers in a separate book and people were able to recall many numbers without looking the book. This same reason applies for book reading as well.


Today, we are able to access the books from the Internet anytime. The ebooks have made the life of book readers very easy. Of late, recognition memory is considered very important. Recognition memory means the ability find and extract the needed information quickly. With technology deeply penetrating our life, we humans are in less need of using our in-built capability like memory. It is not sure whether this trend is really good for human beings.

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